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I used u/n1tr0u5 's build & was able

Audi R8 with sport hards. Pit once around lap 7 to change tires and top up fuel. Take the first couple of wet laps a bit easy to stay mid pack. Go a bit faster when dry, and after pitting. Most important is keep practicing. You will improve your knowledge of the track and your lap times. Then you'll win and you'll be able to win with most ...Pricing and Which One to Buy. The price of the 2024 McLaren GT / GTS is expected to start around $209,000. McLaren sells the GT in a single trim level decked out with enough amenities to please ...

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The WTC 600 in Tokyo done without exploits is genuinely one of the hardest races in single player in gt7 - share your setups, tips, and cars ... not the 2017 street car version or any Gr4 car tuned up to 600 is good Gr3 cars tuned down to 600 not so much . Reactions: evil1981. Reply. Machineghost. 22 United States May 27, 2022 ... My best …GR86 '21 Is a very balanced choice. Supercharger high, exhausts dampers race, carbon breaks, and a big Wang on it will get you easy gold on all. The NSX will beat you on the straights but you'll leave him in the dust in the corners.GT7 WTC 600 GT Photo/Video Fekking finally! And never again Locked post. ... BEST CHRISTMAS upvotes ... Members Online. I saw a lot of people complaining about the Jimny and the lack of new racing cars, I want to remind everyone that GT is not just about racing cars.The Chiron gr1 was a lot of fun for me. The win was easy enough, but made for some good battles while fighting through the field. I just completed this race with stock Toyota GR010 Hybrid '21, fuel 6 than 5 close to the end of the race, no pits. Easy win.Tenways is an e-bike maker which has launched its first model, the CGO 600, on Indiegogo. Priced at around $1,400 this is a relatively affordable e-bike in the scheme of things, an...Nissan GT-R. Renault Sport Megane. Chevrolet Corvette C7. Where Subaru WRX is the best from that list. They all cost the same price of 350K Credits so the cost doesn't matter here. Although their stats are slightly different like the Nissan GT-R has the highest Horsepower in that list but is lower due to overall stats.La gara più difficile della modalità offline di Gran Turismo 7, corsa a bordo della Ferrari 458 Italia.Installati spoiler anteriore tipo A e spoiler posterio...600: Nissan GTR 17; took me a couple of hours of trying different cars and settings. Finally got clean gold using a Nissan GTR with sports hard tires, aerokit/wing, and sports air filter; downforce 130/378 got me just in thepp range; everything else was stock.I actually found a great car that can easily win TokyoExpress WTC 600, it is obviously not he fastest out there as I've seen others doing a much faster lap.....Not to be confused with GT6's 600 PP World Touring Car Championship or GT7's World Touring Car 600 championship. The World Touring Car 600 is a 6 race event that appears in Gran Turismo 7. The races are located at the World Circuits menu and the tracks are unlocked by progressing through the GT Café. However, the World Touring Car 600 isn’t …It'll prove a formidable ally. 6. E46 BMW M3. Back to gratuitous noise. The M3's S54 3.2-litre straight-six engine is the stuff of attainable legend in the real world, that is a sure-fire future classic. And we're here to reveal you can get nine-tenths of a genuine taste of it on Gran Turismo 7.Finished in 15 minutes 54 seconds on WTC 600 on Tokyo express, could've finished it quicker if I didn't get penalised a few times 🤦🏻‍♂️ ... Best race is 17:30, best lap is 1:12.788. I get one great lap per race, rest are average, mired with penalties because the AI don't move and block on corners. ... (with obstacles (AI cars ...Increased Offer! Hilton No Annual Fee 70K + Free Night Cert Offer! US Bank is offering a new bonus of $600 for customers who open a checking account. You can open the account onlin...9. Jaguar XJR-9 '88. The Jaguar XJR-9 '88 is a legend from the late 80s. Its historical significance and robust performance make it a favorite among players who appreciate classic race cars with a proven track record. 10. Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo Gr.1.Setubal, Portugal. Grimm66Jack. Apr 9, 2022. #1. Tomahawk, Alpine and Chaparral glitches are dead as of update 1.23... Let's wait for someone to find another exploit. Here's the video of a sub-17 minute run: Last edited: Sep 29, 2022. hyperspeed980, TonyLomas, Madertus and 44 others.

A brand Legend in Bristish super cars. the Aston Martin BD11, brings in stunningn engine note to the track. Whats its performance like, can we tune it, can i...A car I recall from walking to school, which I obviously recall but not when... youll notice my misquote in the video, and a truly epic car and setup from a ...A brand Legend in Bristish super cars. the Aston Martin BD11, brings in stunningn engine note to the track. ... GT7 WTC 600 Tokyo Expressway Aston Martin DB 11 Grind Update 1 35 Best Car By Widdowmaker Who? ... Those games include GT7, ETS2, ATS, PC2, Arma 3, War of rights, ACC, AC, GT legends, Race Room, The Hunter - classic and Call of the ...List of cars I won with: Mustang Boss 429 '69 GTO '91 Testarossa '91 Evo V T.M. Edition '99 RX-7 '02 M3 '07 R8 '07 F-Type '14 Huracán '15 Mustang '15 The worst were Mustang GT and F-Type because they somehow can't hit high speed despite more power. Testarossa did it without aero(!).

This is a Audi TTS Coupe Build I did for the WTC 600 championship in GT7.Originally I had a Tom's Supra Build, but that car comes with the Launch edition of ...Diablo GT Tune With this tune I was able to get a best lap of 2:09 (could easily be improved with a better drive) and could pull consistent 2:10-2:12 even after just a few laps while the track was still wet. Definitely recommend giving it a try.Felt it was time to get into a new run on the Grind. This race is a great creedit earner and one that can get boring, so having multiple options is great. Th...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. 😜 Pense à t'abonner . Possible cause: Gran Turismo 7 Tokyo Expressway World Touring Car 600 12 laps With Setup under .

The World GT Series Championship is the final championship event in Gran Turismo 7. It is part of the Menu Book 39 in GT Café which completes the main storyline and triggers the ending sequence as well unlocks the PSN Finale trophy. Minimum PP - 100 or more Maximum PP - 800 or less License required - National A License Deep Forest Raceway - 6 laps Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - 5 laps 24 ...Ugg, been trying the Porsche 959 and it's the most infuriating car I've ever ran at this track. Finally managed a measly 27:04 out of it with a best lap at 2:08.685. The back end of this car weighs so damn much that it oversteers as you trail brake through those fast esses after the chicane.327, I have a few of the 20m legend cars. Zero micro extortions, I have about 150m in cars left to buy of which legends makes up 93m of it, ironically its only 19 cars in total. I haven't actually 'played' the game myself in like a month because of work commitments, but I have been running the bot on blue moon bay nearly 24/7.

Use the Alpine VGT road car. I use it detuned to 699 PP and I always win with a 60 to 90 second lead. It reaches over 304 km/h on the straights easily topping the Gr3 cars by 35 km/h, it has excellent cornering stability even in the wet and its fuel mileage is 3+ laps without using any lean settings.It's the 12 laps East Clockwise track for reference. I've tried with a worked R32 and Evo and no matter what the car just cant seem to keep up with the front end of the pack, I can't add anymore power to the cars without going over and its a bit of a pain at this point.

Salut, Si vous avez des difficultés sur ce championnat je vous prop I finally beat this race with a fully tricked out 1997 Toyota MR2. It had enough power in the straights to pass and didn't loose to much in the corners to the other cars. The tuning guide from Praiano helped a ton to get the most out of the car. But you still have to watch out for the hybrid NSX somehow that car will go crazy fast the last lap.WTC 600 are very hard races. Like on Hard difficulty I can finish 1st on any WTC 700 race and have 50 sec gap from the 2nd and on WTC 600 I barely win. Just lower difficulty to medium or find a specific car that is very dominant but If you want to try multiple cars it is better to lower diff. IMO Two Great Cars for WTC 600 & Tuning Settings - 1st Bought the f40 from the lcd. Excited because f40 was th The WTC 600 in Tokyo done without exploits is genuinely one of the hardest races in single player in gt7 - share your setups, tips, and cars ... Nissan GT-R; Mercedes-AMG GT R; Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione; Jaguar F-type R; Audi R8 4.2; ... one of the best cars I've tried, hands down, and also one of the funniest. Good especially on the wet parts ...After Uber tips have reached a milestone, TPG readers weigh in on whether it's compulsory to tip on a ride-hailing app. One year ago, Uber addressed its employees' wage concerns an... No problem. One of the first cars you'll com Category page. All events from Gran Turismo 7 . A. American Clubman Cup 700. American FR Challenge 550. American Sunday Cup 600. Asia-Oceania Championship. C. Clubman Cup Plus. Second best car (600 pp limit) for Tokyo WTFeb 21, 2023 · I just stumbled upon a glitch for the 901Recommended car and setup for the world touring car For Tokyo you need to average 100PH in the turns and hit 190 on the straight. I've won it with an RX-7 and a Murceilago. The RX-7 has a 26B engine and both cars have all the "permanent" mods done. If you run the current Tomahawk exploit you'll learn the key to this race is grip on the turns. You...Gran Turismo 7 Tokyo Expressway World Touring Car 600 12 laps With Setup Honda NSX GR.4 under 600 pp fastest way to get credits update 1.11 ps4 gt7 WTC 600 t... Thats almost the same time of my current GT-R no swap run, so The car is very expensive but you'll make your money back in 2 races. The track you want to use is the Tokyo Expressway WTC 600, it's 12 laps and can be done in under 20mins. WTC 600 Best Audi TTS Build Gran Turismo 7 YouTube. My 600 tune uses comfort/sports, these make most race cars undriveable but the Escudo creates so much of its own ... Quite a lot of cars can do it, some cars can do it witho[The WTC 600 in Tokyo done without exploitGrimm66Jack. Mar 29, 2022. #91. I also woul It was a hell of a pain to drive, though, since the gearing and aero had to be nerfed to get it to 800pp. My current fastest are the 787B and the R92CP. Best lap times in a given race range into high 1:31, with average good laps being mid 1:33. First lap and pit lap at 1:37. and out lap at 1:59.Just a quick update , this ballast setting work very well . It help also to control the wheel spin when power and torque are coming but it's still not tamed. Shift early out slow corners and control your acceleration input. > ( ( ( (°>°°°°°°. Enjoy your drive. Last edited: Mar 5, 2024.